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Zildjian Oriental China Trash 14 [NAZLOCT14]
超高品質で人気の MAD PROFESSOR Booster【送料無料】 Red Ruby (NEW)-エフェクター
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超高品質で人気の MAD PROFESSOR Booster【送料無料】 Red Ruby (NEW)-エフェクター
CROSSROCK CRW500AB Acoustic Bass Black☆クロスロック アコースティックベースケース ブラック 【送料無料】【smtb-KD】

超高品質で人気の MAD PROFESSOR Booster【送料無料】 Red Ruby (NEW)-エフェクター


今作の"Ruby Red Booster"は"BJF Little Red Trebler""BJF Red Rooster Booster""Baby Pink Booster"を基に、それらを組み合わせて制作されており、さらにマスターボリュームを追加し、最大+40dBというブースト量を誇ることから、いかなる状況でも求める音を提供してくれます!


●MASTER:This is a volume control that is located directly after the booster circuit and when set to max it is just a resistor to ground. This control sets the final output and it can be used to control the output when the pedal is used for overdrive (Boost turned up).
●TREBLE:Set treble boost from zero to about 15dB. The treble frequency and bandwidth are carefully tuned with an optimized bass slope.
●BOOST:The gain of the booster and can be set from unity to about 40dB of boost. When this control is cranked the unit will distort within itself.
●BUFFER:Inside the pedal there is a switch for a high quality buffer. You can set the pedal for true bypass mode or "buffer on" in bypass mode.
 We recommend using a buffer in your signal chain to help with the treble and gain loss from using many pedals and/or long cables.
 The Mad Professor RRB Buffer is an amplifier with a voltage gain of exactly 1x (times).
 The RRB buffer output impedance is set a little lower than the Dc resistance of a standard guitar pickup to equalize the effect of following load impedance. Input impedance is set at 500K for a medium load to standard guitar pickups. This keeps the tone and guitar volume taper natural.
●SETTINGS:Treble boost: Set Boost to minimum and Master to maximum and adjust for desired treble boost with the Treble knob.
●Straight boost:Set Treble to minimum and Master to maximum and adjust Boost to desired effect.
●Distortion:Set Boost to maximum and adjust output level with Master to unity, then adjust Boost for desired depth and overdrive. Treble can be used to enhance distortion effect.

<Electrical specifications>
●Input impedance:approximately 500K Ohm's
●Recommended output load:50K Ohm's or higher, effects output and buffer output
●Current consumption:@ 9V DC approximately 6mA
●DC supply voltage range:8 - 18V
●Voltage gain approximately:+40dB
●Treble boost peak:+15dB@4KHz
●Signal to noise ratio:110 dB
●Effect 3dB bandwidth:70Hz to 7KHz
●True bypass or buffered (switchable inside the pedal)

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超高品質で人気の MAD PROFESSOR Booster【送料無料】 Red Ruby (NEW)-エフェクター
超高品質で人気の MAD PROFESSOR Booster【送料無料】 Red Ruby (NEW)-エフェクター